Our key services include the following

Kma Technoware solutions will improve your IT infrastructure performance, reliability and productivity by transforming it into a best-in-class target state infrastructure, aligned to your business needs. We leverage our collective technology capabilities, solution accelerators and deep industry insights to devise custom IT strategies for our customers worldwide.

Cost Reduction

  •  TCO Assessment: Assessing individual cost categories with an ROI analysis to provide recommendations for cost tracking and optimization
  • Data Center Consolidation Assessment: Analyzing data center requirements to build a scalable, manageable, reliable, fault-tolerant and secure data center and recommend a strategic roadmap to reduce costs through data center consolidation
  • Asset Rationalization Assessment: Assessing your infrastructure assets to define a roadmap for optimization and cost reduction
  • Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) Optimization: Optimizing the MIPS usage in mainframes, across all applications, to reduce the TCO of the enterprise IT infrastructure

Risk Management

  • Technology Refresh: Analyzing obsolete technology applications to define a target platform and architecture roadmap

Service Level Management

  • High Availability Assessment: Understanding your requirements to define strategies and models for high availability of applications and systems
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Assessment: Understanding your BCP requirements to define a roadmap to realize them

Value Creation

  • SOI Assessment: Assessing the service orientation of your IT infrastructure to provide recommendations for improvement
  • Virtualization Strategy Assessment: Assessing your infrastructure for virtualization
  • Archival Process Architecture: Recommending strategies to archive historical data to improve storage usage and system performance
  • Storage Optimization: Establishing a balance between the demand of database needs and supply of storage infrastructure to develop a policy to handle larger data volumes, sustain environment stability and plan “Forward Consolidation”
  • Green IT: Assessing your existing IT infrastructure portfolio to recommend opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint

Change Management

  • Capacity / Resource Utilization Assessment: Assessing current application and system workload, and profiling business requirements to estimate the capacity required for future business growth
  • Network Infrastructure Design Assessment: Assessing network requirements to provide a comprehensive network strategy