Microsoft .NET 4.0

  • Microsoft .Net is a set of Microsoft Software Technologies for connecting Information, Systems and Devices.The .NET Framework is Microsoft's comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes.The Development Framework helps in building the internet and Intranet solutions for cross-platform integration. The powerful GUI Development Environment supports development and integration of Web application and Web services using multiple languages. The .NET Technologies are based on the Microsoft .NET framework and use the .NET features to develop Web Programs, Web Application, Web Services, Console Applications and Windows Applications. Applications.

Applications Of .net Training

Windows Forms Application Development

  • .Net Enterprise Architecture 4.0 nterprise Architecture 4.0
    - OOPS Concepts
    - C# .NET Layout Basics
    - Introduction to Windows Forms user interface
    - Common Windows forms controls
    - Complex Windows forms controls
    - Menus and Toolbars
    - Dialog Boxes
    - MDI Form
    - ADO.NET
    - Custom Control
    - Validation in Window Form
    - Crystal Report, Error Handling
    - Working with GDIT Classes
    - Setup and Deployment
    - Game and Console Programming

Application Development Foundation

  • - .Net Framework Fundamentals
    - Introduction to variables and Data types
    - Using .NET Framework classes
    - Delegates and Events
    - Collections and Generices
    - Collection Classes
    - Assemblies
    - Serialization
    - Multi-Threading Programming
    - Reflection
    - Inter operation
    - Application and Data Security
    - Cryptography
    - App Domains
    - Remoting


  • - Introduction to ASP.NET
    - Interacting with internet and IIS
    - Working with Web Forms
    - Difference between HTML and Web Server Controls
    - ASP.NET page life cycle
    - Validating User Inputs

Database Interaction in ASP.NET

  • - Data Bound Controls
    - Composite Data bound controls
    - Crystal Report
    - Crystal Reports using Web services
    - LINQ in a Nutshell

Asynchronous Programming in ASP.NET

  • a. Ajax Client/Server site tools
    b. Using Ajax Calling Web Services
    - Themes and Master pages
    - Globalization and localization

State Management

  • - Mailing using SMTP
    - Navigation Controls
    - Sitenavigation using XML data source and
    - Security in ASP.NET
    - Role based security
    - Managing users with ASP.NET membership features
    - XML Web Services

Concepts in Asp.Net

  • a. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
    b. WPF (Windows Prenentation Foundation)
    c. Silverlight
    - Microsoft Expression
    - Layouts in Silverlight
    - XAML
    e. ASP.NET inn MVC

Important Topics

  • Case Cading Style Sheet (CSS).